Tired Of Your Chanel Flap Bag? The Top 10 Chanel Bags Everyone Wants

Chanel Timeless Classic Quilted Flap Bags

The Top 10 Chanel Bags To Hunt For That Aren’t Classic Flap Bags

The ultimate fashionista dream is owning your very own Chanel bag, but we know that Chanel Classic Flap Bag is more than a pretty penny. The coveted Chanel Flap bag, i n the Reissue Flap style or Timeless Classic style, is the signature Chanel design..but what if you’re tired of the Chanel Flap bag?

A Chanel bag is an ultimate classic for several reasons, the most overarching reason being the simple, effortless elegance of the designs. The iconic, symmetrical design is incredibly classy and will go with any outfit you own. Whether you’re going for that big promotion at the office or brunching with your gals, a Chanel bag makes the perfect accessory for any occasion. Owning one of these bags is like being part of a secret club that everyone wants to be in.

But with a name as grandiose as Chanel and a brand that excels in making the highest quality haute couture, you know there will be a few more Chanel bags that will go down in history. The Chanel bags we’re hunting for are seasonal, recurring newbies, or just simply too timeless to forget.

Whether you are already Chanel-Obsessed or Newbie-Collector, you might want to use this as a cheat-sheet for your wish list. These are the perfect collector items to search for. Although you might not be able to find some of these at the Chanel boutiques, you might be able to find them right here on YoogisCloset.com

So, what makes a handbag into a classic? Unforgettable design, functional features, and effortless style. Read on for our top predictions of the Chanel bags that everyone wants to get their hands on that aren’t Classic Flap bags.

#1 Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel Black Quilted Boy Bag
This “bad boy” was originally released in 2011, inspired by Boy Capel, one of Coco Chanel’s lovers. The Boy bag, originally released in a variation of the flap bag, which is why it already has instant clout. The Boy Bag flap covers the entire front of the bag and opens with a pinch-lock CC closure. The strap design on the Boy bag features a chunky chain and leather shoulder strap for extra comfort. We love that you can dress the Boy bag up or down. The Boy Bag is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

#2 Chanel Coco Handle Bag

Chanel Lizard Coco Handle
This beautiful creation pays homage to vintage Chanel styles. The Coco Handle, originally released in 2015, features a flap front a chic top handle and the classic Chanel interlaced chain/leather shoulder strap. The Coco Handle has a trapezoid shape body with the iconic interlocking CC closure. It can be carried by hand, on the shoulder or across the body. This functional bag can be carried by hand, on the shoulder, or across the chest, which makes it ideal for any day.

#3 Chanel Trendy CC Bag

Chanel Trendy CC
Similar to its cousin above, the Chanel Trendy CC bag gets its design from vintage Chanel styles. Originally modeled after the wildly popular but discontinued Chanel Kelly bag, the Trendy CC was released in 2015 in a more modern, easy-to-carry size.. Featuring classic quilted lambskin leather, this bag can be carried on the arm or shoulder with its chain/leather intertwined strap or its round top handle. This bag is distinctively different with its can’t-miss golden metal plate on the top, the signature ‘CHANEL’ is written with uppercase on the plate, which is simply too beautiful to forget.

#4 Chanel Chain Around Bag Chanel Chain Around bag

This classic-with-a-twist creation by Chanel is something you will want to carry around forever. The Chain Around collection, originally released in 2011, features amazing details such as soft supple quilted leather with CC logo details and of course, handles braided with leather straps. The key feature of these bags is the leather and chain around the edges, creating a look that’s a mix of classic Chanel and modern design. Crafted in multiple styles, you can pick from a messenger bag, bowler bag, or a flap style – all featuring these highly coveted details.

#5 Chanel Timeless WOC Bag

Chanel Timeless WOC
While this bag technically falls in the “Timeless” category in Chanel world, this WOC is rarely seen but highly sought after. We think this adorable wallet on a chain will be memorable for years to come. The flap opens to reveal card slots, one zip pocket and an interior that’s just large enough for your smartphone and snaps closed. The versatile leather entwined chain can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder or doubled up to wear with a shorter drop.

#6 Chanel Easy Flap Bag

Chanel Easy Flap Bag
Maybe this is cheating, because it looks just like a Classic flap – but we think the Chanel Easy Flap is perfect for modern women-on-the-go. Over the years, Chanel has realized that we love the flap style, but don’t always love the function (or lack thereof) of the “double flap” style; so they created the flap + zipper style. “Easy” to get into, this style has the classic Chanel flap top and a secure zip closure to store all of your belongings at a much lower price point. Unlike the Classic flap, the Easy also has a leather shoulder pad on one side of the adjustable strap. The Easy flap, which comes in Small and Jumbo sizes, is a Yoogi’s Staff favorite.

#7 Chanel Diamond Camera Case Bag

Chanel vintage diamond camera bag
One of our favorite things about Chanel is their ability to create timeless designs that make you ask, “What year is this from? Is it from the 1990s, or from 2017?” The Diamond Camera case bag was released in 2013 to pay homage to vintage Chanel Camera Case designs; not only does it pay homage, but it looks almost exactly the same! With its classic diamond quilting and a smooth diamond around the large CC logo, this bag has a vintage look fit for a modern woman. The leather shoulder strap, complete with classic leather/chain detailing, can rest comfortably on your shoulder while you’re on the go. Seek this chic camera bag if you have an affinity for vintage.

#8 Chanel Golden Class Bag

Chanel Golden Class Bag
We fall in love every day at Yoogi’s Closet – but every once in a while, a bag comes along that has everyone swooning. The Chanel Golden Class, with its smooth quilted leather and drop-dead gorgeous CC plated closure, is absolutely stunning. So much beauty in such a small bag leaves us envying the woman who gets to bring this lovely handbag home. It’s available in large, medium and small sizes, but these bags don’t come around often. If you see a Golden Class, don’t miss your chance to own this beautiful Chanel bag!

#9 Chanel Shopping Fever Tote Bag

Chanel Shopping Fever Tote
From the Chanel 2014 collection, the Shopping Fever Tote bag is perfect for carrying everyday. This functional carryall tote features lightweight, black caviar leather with the classic diamond stitched pattern, zip closure and comfortable leather handles. We love the addition of the small CC charm to add a bit of style to this classic tote style.

#10 Chanel Deauville Tote Bag

Chanel Deauville beach toteWe’ve been in love with the Deauville since we first laid eyes on it. The Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote Bag was first introduced in the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection and gained popularity for its fun graphic pattern featuring a Chanel logo stitched in white on the front, durable denim exterior, and superior functionality. The popular beach tote was released again for the Cruise 2016 Collection in several new styles including a WOC and the above tote, which features both top handles and leather/chain shoulder straps. We can’t help but imagine the Chanel Deauville Tote accompanying us on a vacation to the Mykonos or on a beach in Tulum?

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