The Top 10 Best-Selling Bags Of 2016

Yoogi's Closet Top 10 Best-Selling Handbags

Every year, we see trends in handbags; from classic handbags like Chanel Flap bags and Louis Vuitton Speedy bags to trendy bags like the Givenchy Antigona or the Chloe Faye  these are the bags that fly off the shelves. When we looked at the data for 2016, most of our top 10 best-selling bags of 2016 were of no surprise to us. We know we can trust you to have great taste! Read on for our top 10 most popular handbags.

1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

This classic LV tote is one of our favorites for its functionality and timeless design. You know it well, with its long skinny straps and cinching side laces. The Neverfull is a work-horse, which makes it ideal for anyone that needs to carry more than their Pochette can hold. Monogram Neverfull bags were by far our most popular, with Damier Ebene shortly behind.

2. Chanel Boy bag

Chanel Chevron Boy Bag

This was a bit of a shocker to us; the Chanel Boy bag beat out Classic Flap bags by a long shot in terms of sales. We adore this trendy flap style that has launched a thousand knock-offs for its modern, chunky chain and Art Deco/Lego inspired CC push-lock clasp.

3. Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Audrey Hepburn would be proud, Yoogi’s shoppers. The Louis Vuitton Speedy comes in a plethora of colors from Monogram canvas to Empreinte to Limited Edition styles like Stephen Sprouse’s Roses and the Monogram Totem Speedy.

4. Hermes Birkin bag

Hermes Rouge Birkin

The iconic Birkin is considered a holy grail for many fashion lovers. We don’t blame them! The Birkin is a classic. We know they’re hard to find in retail stores, especially if you’ve got your heart set on a special leather/color combination, so it’s no wonder you’ve come to us for your Birkin desires. So, what color Birkin do you have your heart set on?

5. Louis Vuitton Alma bag

Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma BB

This chic handbag is one of our favorites for its versatility and history. The Alma comes in a variety of materials, colors, and in several sizes: BB, PM, MM, and the now discontinued GM. This year, you were all about the Louis Vuitton Alma BB and we were too. We love the functionality of the crossbody strap and double zip closure. Surprisingly, this little BB holds a lot more than it looks like it would.

6. Goyard St. Louis Tote bag

Goyard St Louis tote

This classic tote always flies off our shelves, no matter what color. The Goyard tote, which comes in the classic print in a multitude of colors, is one of those bags that isn’t well known by the non-handbag-aficionados (you know, like normal people).

7. Chanel Jumbo Flap bag

Chanel Jumbo Flap

The largest size of the classic Chanel flap is one of the most popular styles of the classic Flap, with the Chanel Mini flap following right behind in sales and popularity. We completely understand why; the iconic Chanel Jumbo flap bag is actually quite functional: spacious inside with the elegance you crave.

8. Louis Vuitton Artsy bag

Louis Vuitton Artsy

Who doesn’t love a classic shoulder bag This functional beauty comes in durable Monogram canvas and beautiful Empreinte leather. Like the Neverfull, the LV Artsy is a work horse for your everyday life that also looks irresistibly stylish. Pack this beauty full, use one of its six pockets to organize your all goodies, and sling it over your shoulder.

9. Chanel WOC bag

Chanel WOC bag

As we enter a world where everything is stored on our phones, we’ve noticed a trend in everyday bags: they are getting much smaller. The Chanel WOC is a small, crossbody style with card slots inside. Its versatility can take you to and from any occasion. What handbag do you carry to a coffee meeting Chanel WOC! What bag do you carry to a Benefit Gala Chanel WOC!

10. Gucci SoHo Disco bag

Gucci Soho Crossbody

The Gucci SoHo Disco crossbody bag is the lonely Gucci best seller, but we think it’s a great one. We were certain the Gucci GG Blooms (the one with the flowers) would be a front-runner in 2016 since we saw it everywhere, but sometimes our eyes deceive us. The Gucci SoHo collection is made of luxurious, high-quality leather at a great price point, which makes it a popular addition for fashionistas everywhere.

Well, there we have it! It looks like the classics are still way more popular than trends and limited edition bags. Do you have one of these bags that you’re itching to sell for an upgrade? We always purchase these bags due to their popularity, so be sure to fill out a quote to sell to us and get a10% bonus added to your final payout when you pick payment with a Yoogi’s Closet gift card.


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