All About The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis + Authenticity Tips!

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The Pochette Metis is one of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags, and handbag lovers everywhere adore it. The Pochette Metis is modern-day reinterpretation of the classic Louis Vuitton Monceau briefcase.

Named after the Greek Titans, Ocean, and Tethys, Metis was the first great spouse of Zeus. The Greek word Metis means a combination of wisdom and cunning which perfectly portrays this beautiful bag.

The Pochette Metis features a simple vachetta top handle and an adjustable Monogram canvas shoulder strap. It has an exterior zip pocket, the iconic LV S-lock, and a spacious interior with several compartments for organization.

The Pochette Metis, a small “school satchel”-style bag, has a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, a rear zip pocket, a secure flap closure, and a spacious fabric interior with different compartments. But the Pochette Metis is notoriously hard to get your hands on: it’s usually sold out in stores and it’s very hard to find on the resale market.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis features

The Pochette Metis has a soft rectangular shape and an envelope flap closure style, complete with Louis Vuitton’s signature S-Lock closure. The S-Lock closure opens with a pinch of two golden knobs to reveal three spacious compartments. One of the features that we love about the Pochette Metis is how easy it is to carry with its long crossbody strap.

Materials: Monogram Canvas, Monogram Reverse Canvas, Monogram Empreinte Leather
Measurements: 9.75″ L x 2.75″ W x 7.5″ H
Exterior Pockets: One rear zip pocket
Interior Pockets: Three interior compartments
Handles: Single flat leather top handle and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap
Handle Drop: 1″ and 17.5″ – 21 adjustable
Closure/Opening: Flap top with S-lock closure
Interior Lining: Fine textile lining
Date code location: Along a side seam in the rear zip pocket

Authenticity Tips: Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Authentication is both an art and a science.

Exterior Monogram

On the front of an authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, the Monogram patterns are always the same. The outside canvas is one piece so the patterns will be upside down on the back of the bag.


In signature Louis Vuitton stitching, each thread is the same length and is slightly angled; the left side of the stitch is slightly lower than the right.


The hardware should be shiny and smooth with no waves.

Back Zipper

In 2014, Louis Vuitton realized the back pocket zipper was prone to leather color transfer and quickly made a change to all future models to have no zipper pull.

• 2012-2014 model: zipper with leather pull
• 2015-present model: plain zipper, no leather pull

Date Code

The date code (it’s not a serial number) is one of the most important factors when authenticating all Louis Vuitton Bags. In the back rear zip pocket, move your fingers along the side seem to feel for a leather tag. Pull the leather tag (don’t worry, it’ll be fine). The leather date code tag should match the leather of the bag. On the leather tag, you’ll find two letters and four numbers. IThe letters indicated the country in which the item was made while the numbers indicate the month/year of the production date. The country code should be consistent with the country on the “made in tag”, which can be found inside the bag on a square label. Learn more about Louis Vuitton date codes.

Interior Lining

The interior lining will be different depending on the exterior material.

Monogram Canvas interior: dark brown Alcantara
Reverse Monogram: black Alcantara
Empreinte Marine Rouge: red with navy lines woven fabric
Empreinte Noir (black): gray with black lines woven fabric

“Made in” Tags

The made in tag consists of “®” on the first line, “LOUIS VUITTON” on the second line, “PARIS” on the third, “made in xx country” on the last line. “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” are always in uppercase latters and “made in” are always in lowercase letters.

If the bag is made in the USA, then there will not be a “made in” line. Instead, there will be a piece of fabric sewed in the bag stating “made in U.S.A of imported materials”.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Pochette Metis Crossbody Bag

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Back Zipper Comparison | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

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