The 8 Handbag Styles You Need To Start Your Collection Now

How To Start Your Handbag Collection | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Are you looking to start your bag collection? Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist with bags, you know you need more than one bag to fit every occasion. Pick at least one designer bag from each category to create your collection. We’re sharing our favorite bags from each style to get you inspired. Happy shopping!

1. Everyday Bag
2. Little Black Bag
3. Tote/Work Bag
4. Wallet On Chain
5. Flap Bag
6. Carefree Crossbody Bag
7. Top Handle
8. Clutch/Evening Bag

Style One: An Everyday Bag

An everyday bag is a very personal choice because everyone’s everyday needs are different, but we like to think that your everyday bag is your essential workhorse bag. Your everyday bag could be a smaller crossbody or a medium-to-large top handle bag or tote that can hold almost everything. It’s the bag you carry every single day no matter what you’re doing. An everyday bag is durable enough to handle the random spills but stylish enough to make you feel like you actually have your life together. An everyday bag needs to be versatile: it literally needs to match everything: cocktail dresses to a yoga outfit and everything in between. Shop Everyday Bags

Most Popular Designer Everyday Bags

• Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere
• Chanel Quilted Classic Caviar Flap Bag (Jumbo Size)
• Celine Micro Belt Bag
• Givenchy Small Antigona
• Saint Laurent Sac de Jour
• Fendi Peekaboo

Best Designer Everyday Bags | Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere, Chanel Quilted Classic Jumbo Flap, Fendi Peekaboo, Givenchy Antigona, Celine Belt Bag, Saint Laurent Sac de Jour | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Style Two: The Little Black Bag

As the name suggests, the LBB is similar to the LBD (little black dress) in that it’s reliable, chic, and it never goes out of style. When you want to travel a little lighter for day time, you’ll need a small crossbody bag. A little black bag will go with everything and you’ll have it forever!? Luckily, the price point on these mini bags is usually lower than the rest of the bags on this list, so you might be able to pick more than one! Shop Little Black Bags

Most Popular Designer Little Black Bags

• Louis Vuitton Alma BB
• Chanel New Mini (Rectangle)
• Gucci Soho Disco
• Celine Nano Luggage
• Givenchy Mini Antigona
• Yves Saint Laurent LouLou

Little Black Bags | Louis Vuitton Epi Alma, Chanel Mini Quilted Flap, Givenchy Mini Antigona, Gucci Soho Disco, Celine Nano Luggage, YSL LouLou | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Style Three: Tote/Work Bag

Everyone needs a tote, and not just a big bag to haul stuff around in but also one that can also look polished and professional. A tote is ultra-roomy, making this perfect for running errands, going to work, and more! There are two kinds of totes on the market: zip tops and open tops. Shop Tote Bags

Most Popular Designer Tote Bags

• Louis Vuitton Neverfull
• Chanel Grand Shopping Tote or Chanel Deauville
• Prada Galleria Tote Bag
• Goyard St. Louis Tote
• Celine Mini Luggage Tote
• Yves Saint Laurent Large Shopping Tote

Best Designer Tote Bags | Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Chanel GST, Prada Double Handle Tote, Goyard St Louis, Celine Mini Luggage, YSL Shopper Tote | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Style Four: Wallet on Chain

Whether you want to use it as a wallet inside of a larger bag or when you want to travel really light, a wallet on a chain can be a versatile addition to your collection. Often referred to by its acronym, WOC, the wallet on a chain is exactly what it sounds like: a small, wallet-sized bag on a chain with card slots. You’ll be able to carry it from day to night due to its small size and crossbody style. It fits just your essentials. It’s one of the most versatile investment bags you can buy, and that’s why you need one in your collection. Shop Wallet on Chain Bags

Most Popular Designer WOC Bags

• Chanel WOC
• Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie
• Gucci Marmont Chain Wallet
• Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet on Chain
• Prada Wallet on Chain
• Christian Dior Diorama Wallet on Chain

Best Designer Wallet on Chain Bags | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Style Five: The Shoulder Flap Bag

The Chanel Flap Bag started it the handbag industry when visionary, Coco Chanel, materialized a bag that was both chic and easy to carry.

Shop Flap Bags

Most Popular Designer Flap Bags

• Chanel Quilted Classic Flap Bag (Medium Size)
• Gucci Marmont Flap
• Hermes Constance
• Louis Vuitton Twist Bag
• Celine Box Bag
• Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Cassandre Flap Bag

Best Designer Flaps | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury

Style Six: Carefree Crossbody Bag

This may also be your everyday bag, but we think it’s important to make sure you have a carefree crossbody for those times that you really need both hands. As we all know, a crossbody bag gives you the freedom of keeping your hands free while keeping your things close. A good crossbody bag will have a sturdy strap that’s adjustable and an opening that’s easy to get into. It shouldn’t be too heavy and should be made of a material that can withstand a lot of wear. Shop Crossbody Bags

• Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis
• Hermes Evelyne
• Gucci Soho Disco
• Givenchy Nightgale

Style Seven: Structured Top Handle

Top bags have a sleek and sophisticated and are another perfect daily go-to bag. There’s just something about a top handle that looks ladylike and so appealing. Whether you slip your arm through it or carry it with its two top handles, a top handle can go with any outfit. Shop Top Handle Bags

Most Popular Designer Top Handle Bags

• Louis Vuitton Speedy or Alma
• Christian Dior Lady Dior
• Hermes Kelly
• Chanel Coco Handle
• Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Style Eight: Clutch or Evening Bag

Special occasions, parties, weddings, and all the fun things we do require a special bag: a clutch. Shop Clutches

• Chanel Timeless Clutch
• Hermes Jige Clutch
• Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch
• Louis Vuitton Chain Louise Clutch
• Saint Laurent Cassandre Clutch


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