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If you live in the US, you may receive a tag if you buy a Chanel bag from a Chanel store or boutique. You can also find this set of numbers on Chanel receipts. If the Chanel item comes with a white tag or has a white sticker on the box and you want to know what all those letters mean, we’re going to teach you. You will also learn the most common Chanel style numbers. A Chanel tag has an important role in identifying the authenticity and style of the bag.

Unfortunately, if you buy a Chanel bag in the UK or Europe, Chanel boutiques and stores keep the retail tags. Many US boutiques no longer give out tags as well. However, a lot of the info we’re sharing below will be on Chanel receipts. You can use this post as a way to understand what those numbers mean too.

If you buy a pre-owned Chanel bag, you may receive a Chanel tag or receipt with your item. Yoogi’s Closet will always photograph and list under the Details tab if a bag comes with its tags or receipt. Note, not all Chanel items will come with a tag.

An Important Note About Chanel Serial Numbers
This post is not about the leather hologram sticker/tag inside of your Chanel bag, which can tell you what year it was made. Chanel bags and accessories have a serial sticker inside the bag, and come with an authenticity card that has the same set of numbers. Chanel serial numbers are unique to every bag. If you don’t have access to a Chanel style number or tag, you will still be able to tell the age of a Chanel bag or accessory from its serial number.

In this post, you’ll learn how to decipher all those numbers on a white Chanel retail tag, the sticker on the box, and the numbers you may find on a Chanel receipt. Being able to read a Chanel tag can help you make sure the tag matches the bag, manufacturing year, and style, and can help you identify exactly which bag or accessory it is.

How to read a Chanel tag |

Chanel Classic Flap Retail Tag 2018

How To Read A Chanel Chanel Receipt

Red highlighted text indicates Chanel Item/Style? Numbers

How To Read A Chanel Tag |

Using the tag from this Chanel 2.55 bag as an example, here?s how to read a Chanel tag:
08P = Year / Season (2008 Spring)
A37591 = Style (Reissue 228 Flap)
Y04373 = Material & Hardware (Metallic Calfskin with Ruthenium Hardware)
94305 = Color (Black)
NSZ = Size (None)

Year & Season: The first two numbers identify the year the bag was made and the letter stands for the Collection that the bag came from. There are seasonal collections with limited edition releases and one continuous collection, which means the item is made every season. You may see these numbers on reseller’s Chanel product listings or in Chanel boutiques.

V = Classic/Continuous Collection
P = Printemps Collection Spring Act 1 (released January to March)
S = Summer Collection Spring Act 2 (released March to June)
A = Autumn Collection Pre-Fall, Metiers D’Arts (released May to September)
B = Fall/Winter Act 1 (released June to October)
K = Fall/Winter Act 2 (released August to November)
C = Cruise Collection (released November to January)

For example:
17A = 2017 Automne (Fall)
17P = 2017 Printemps
17C = 2017 Cruise

If a tag says REV (revolving) or 00V, the item is a part of Chanel’s Classic collection and is released every season. This item is a classic, hence no season code.

Style: The next set of numbers, which are usually one letter and five numbers (i.e. A37591), represent the reference or style of the product, using a specific Chanel Style number. You can find a list of popular Chanel style numbers below.

Material & Hardware: The next set of numbers, which are typically one letter and four numbers (i.e. Y01864), represent the material, treatment, and hardware used on the product.? There is a wide variety of material codes, given the vast array of leather, fabrics, and hardware that Chanel uses. You can find a brief list of popular materials below. The codes differ based on quilting style (like diamond vs. chevron), hardware color and finish? (silver, gold, shiny or brushed), and on the finish of the leather as well (metallic, iridescent, aged, matte).

Color Code: The numbers below, which are usually a five digit code (i.e. 94305), represent the color of the product, which is also named underneath on the tag.

The other numbers on retail tags represent the retail price at time of purchase (seen at the bottom of tags), the size (seen above as NSZ) and a bar code for Chanel inventory (different from the Serial number). Some Chanel boxes will have serial number stickers that match the Authenticity Card and Serial sticker.

Chanel Style Numbers Reference List

A65050 – Chanel Classic Flap Extra Mini
A35200 – Chanel Classic Mini Flap (Square)
A69900 – Chanel Classic Flap New Mini (Rectangle)
A01113 – Chanel Classic Small Flap
A01112 – Chanel Classic Medium Flap
A58600 – Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap
A58601 – Chanel Classic Maxi Double Flap
A47600 – Chanel Classic Maxi Single Flap
A67085 – Chanel Quilted Boy Flap Small
A67086 – Chanel Quilted Boy Flap Old Medium
A92193 – Chanel Quilted Boy Flap New Medium
A67087 – Chanel Quilted Boy Flap Large
A37584 – Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 224
A37586 – Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 225
A37587 – Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 226
A37590 – Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 227
A37591 – Chanel 2.55 Reissue Size 228
A32342 – Chanel Timeless Clutch
A20994 – Chanel Petite Shopping Tote
A20995 – Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
A50995 – Chanel Large Shopping Tote >30cm
A67296 – Chanel Timeless Large Shopping Tote >30cm
A01804 – Chanel Medallion Tote
A15206 – Chanel Cerf Tote
A33814 – Chanel Classic Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A70328 – Chanel 2.55 Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A80287 – Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A80699 – Chanel Diamond CC Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A80982 – Chanel Trendy CC Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A80766 – Chanel Golden Class CC Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A40033 – Chanel Half Moon Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A48654 – Chanel Timeless Wallet on Chain (WOC)
A35731 – Chanel East West Flap
A93341 – Chanel Filigree Flap
A93344 – Chanel Vanity Case
A91810 – Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo
A93824 – Chanel Gabrielle Hobo
A93825 – Chanel Gabrielle Large Hobo

Chanel Material/Hardware Style Codes

Y01588 – Grained Calfskin Caviar with Silver Hardware
Y01864 – Grained Calfskin Caviar with Shiny Gold Hardware
Y01480 – Quilted Lambskin with Silver Hardware
Y01490 – Quilted Lambskin with Gold Hardware
Y03958 – Distressed Calfskin with Silver Hardware
Y04373 – Metallic Calfskin with Ruthenium Hardware
Y06500 – Iridescent Caviar with Silver Hardware
Y09939 – Calfskin with Gold Brushed Hardware
Y25568 – Caviar with Black Hardware (So Black)
Y33151 – Chevron Aged Calfskin with Brushed Gold Hardware
Y60594 – Chevron Lambskin with Silver Hardware
Y60601 – Chevron Calfskin with Aged Ruthenium
Y60609 – Caviar with Silver Hardware
Y61430 – Caviar with Silver Hardware
Y83607 – Metallic Calfskin with Brushed Gold Hardware
Y83371 – Grained Calfskin with Gold Hardware
Y83621 – Grained Calfskin with Brushed Gold Hardware

Chanel Color Codes

Classic Colors:
94305 – Black
C3906 – Black (exterior) with Burgundy (interior)
21209 – Beige
10601 – White

Seasonal Colors:
11408 – Light Pink
40851 – Light Gold
45002 – Silver
51315 – Light brown (patent)
63726 – Violet
81307 – Anthracite
81442 – Dark Red
81446 – Brique Clair
81665 – Red
93982 – Yellow
96300 – Dark Blue
96627 – Brown
96979 – Light Pink
96727 – Dark Red
97312 – Brown
97368 – Pink (Pink/Purple Glitter)
99797 – Navy Blue
01601 – Rouge Fonce
0B839 – Charcoal (Metallic)
08659 – Dark Pink
0A057 – Pink (Hot Pink)
0A592 – Dark Grey (metallic)
1A051 – Pink (also looks purple)
2A074 – Dark Yellow
2A140 – Light grey
2A235 – Pink
2A308 – Green
2A610 – Red
2A982 – Camel
2B390 – Navy Blue
3B075 – Turquoise
4B010 – Grey
4B763 – Beige
4B765 – Yellow
5B058 – Grey
C0200 – White/Black
C2341 – Black
C5569 – Black
Z0042 – Transparent
Z2104 – White

Now that you’re an expert, go shop for an authenticated pre-owned Chanel bag.

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