26 Handbag Collections To Inspire Your Dream Closet

Ultimate closet goals!!!! Closet shelfie by Yoogi's Closet

Here at Yoogi’s Closet, we have a thing for beautiful closets. We started in Yoogi’s real closet, after all. One of the recent trends on Instagram we love is the “closet selfie” or “the shelfie”: luxurious walk-in closets full of designer handbags, shoes, clothes, and accessories. If you love organized closets and pretty things, this post featuring 26 of our favorite dream closets on Instagram is for you.


26 Best Handbag Collections & Walk-In Closets on Instagram

#1 @JerushaCouture

#2 Minks4all

@Minks4All fashion closet and handbag collection

#3 @ChaseAmie

#4 @lux_mommy

#5 @helensfashiondiary


#6 @missyanacherie

#7 @luxurylver

#8 @johannaeolsson

#9 @Style_With_Envy

#10 @leo_lion_lv

#11 @lvlovercc

#12 @claudiaisfabulous


#13 @kyliejenner

#14 @bb10lue


#15 @miamiamine

#16 @my_fashion_collection42

#17 @alice.parr

#18 @laclosetdesign

#19 @scopestake82

#20 @luxury4nk

#21 @iamchouquette

#22 @msmitch08

#23 @hpluxe


#24 @theblondmacaron

@theblondmacaron handbag collection is amazing!

#25 Ec24m

Jamie Chua's Birkin Closet

#26 @yoogiscloset

We couldn?t do a post about instagram posts without mentioning our own page. Our in-house photography team uses items from our store to create beautifully styled images to inspire YOU!

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