Celine Officially Debuts New Logo And Brand Stamp

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Goodbye C?line, hello Celine.

The LVMH-owned fashion label Celine unveiled a new logo in September 2018 and swiftly changed the brand stamping on all leather goods. Now, we’re seeing the new logo stamp on leather goods. As you can see from the image comparing the old and new Celine logo, shown above, the accent over the e has been removed. In addition, the new Celine logo has been balanced out by bringing each letter closer together (aka kerning).?It’s important to point out the tags and dust bag that come with a Celine item may still have the old logo despite the bag or wallet having the new logo.

Old Celine Logo (top) vs. New Celine Logo (bottom)

Old Celine vs. New Celine Logo

When Hedi Slimane joined Celine in January 2018, he decided to redesign the house’s logo typeface to better reflect the brand’s direction under his new leadership. Céline’s new logo was revealed to the public via an Instagram post in September 2018 in a move that saw the brand delete its entire Instagram history to erase Philo’s direction.

“The new logo has been directly inspired by the original, historical version that existed in the 1960s,” the fashion label said. So, it’s actually not a new logo at all. It’s an homage to the old logo, which debuted in the ’60s and didn’t contain the French accent mark. What’s old is new again.

Look for the new Celine brand stamp on leather goods made late-model 2018 to present. This is important if you’re looking to purchase a used Celine bag to make sure there are consistencies in the brand stamp, date code, and manufacturing year. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together a guide for you to learn more about Celine date codes.

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