Why Do Some Hermès Birkin Bags Have Horseshoe Stamps?

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Hermes Birkin Bags are extremely hard to come by, but there’s one unique feature that makes a Birkin bag even rarer: a horseshoe stamp. But what does the horseshoe stamp mean?

Only The Most Exclusive Birkin Bags Have Horseshoe Stamps

A horseshoe stamp signifies that a Birkin bag was made as a special order by Hermès for a top collector with their exact specifications. Hermes stamps Birkin bags with the horseshoe when the item is a special order. For example, a Birkin bag with a contrasting interior to bicolor or tricolor exterior, contrasting piping, or a brushed finish to the hardware may have a horseshoe stamp. A bag with a horseshoe stamp means that these bags are a small subsection of an already extremely rare style, increasing its value even more. The horseshoe stamp can be found to the left of the Hermès brand stamp.

A few times a year, select clients are invited to create their very own Birkin and Kelly bags and are able to choose everything from leathers, color, hardware, and the piping. These requests are then sent to the Hermès atelier in Paris, where artisans will spend several days crafting the bag by hand. The whole process, from the ordering, the crafting, and then shipping back to the store can take months or sometimes, depending on the specifications of the bag, years.

Examples of Hermès Horseshoe Stamps

Hermes Special Order Horseshoe Stamps | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury yoogiscloset.com

How To Locate An Hermes Horseshoe Stamp

Once you open your Hermes Birkin bag, you’ll see the Hermes stamp above the turn-lock plaque. If there is a horseshoe stamp, it will be to the left of the Hermes brand stamp.

Hermes Special Order Birkin Horseshoe Stamp | Yoogi's Closet Authenticated Pre-Owned Luxury yoogsicloset.com

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