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In this new series on Yoogi’s Blog, we sit down with handbag collectors and our clients to find out about their collection, what bags they love, and what’s on their wishlist. Instagram influencers have changed the face of the luxury industry and online shopping: we want the bags they style, the shoes they wear, the jewelry on their wrists.

In this edition, we’re chatting with Elle from @lvoe.junkie who shares her Louis Vuitton collection with 77k followers. What’s in her collection? Read Elle’s exclusive interview with Yoogi to find out.

What’s In Her Closet? Yoogi?s Exclusive Q&A With Elle from @lvoe.junkie on Instagram

When we first followed @lvoe.junkie on Instagram, we were so in love with her beautiful collection of Louis Vuitton handbags and small leather goods. Her profile playfully reads: “Here to FROLIC & DRAPE myself in Vuitton.” Same, Elle. When we reached out to her to do a Q&A on Yoogi’s, she was overjoyed to share her favorite items and talk LV with us. Elle has been shopping with Yoogi’s Closet for several years, but she also buys new from Louis Vuitton. Her LV collection ranges from a My LV World Tour Speedy Bandouliere to vintage pieces like a rare 1996 Damier Ebene Centenaire Soho Backpack. Now, let’s meet Elle and her LV…

Yoogi: Introduce yourself and tell us how you got started on Instagram.
Elle: I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have been romping around SF to San Jose for most my life. In addition to that – I love to travel and eat. My travel is on hold since we adopted a puppy recently and she’s taking up most our time. She’s the third pup we have since my fiance and I LOVE dogs. My dream is to run a dog rescue one day but my soft heart probably couldn’t take it.

My fiance and I met in the last year of college and have been together for over 12 years. He’s the most opposite of me as can be and is my rock. He is super outgoing, non-designer loving, and chill like a cucumber. I’m introverted (more like, only social when I feel like it #antisocialsocialclub), obviously a designer hoarder and pretty high strung.

I started IG a few years ago to share my love of bags; never imagined I’d meet so many wonderful like-minded individuals there. We’re more than “just bags” and that is a beautiful thing! A few folks have messaged me and ask how I afford “so many bags.” I am proud to say that I buy them all myself; except for one Totally PM that my fiance bought for me for our anniversary in 2014.

Yoogi: When did you purchase your first designer handbag? What was the bag?
Elle: Louis Vuitton OF COURSE! No, it really wasn’t. It was actually an Ink Blue Balenciaga First Bag with scrumptious Chevre leather in this truly frustrating chameleon blue color. I believe the year was either 2005/2006. My first Louis Vuitton was a Sac Coussin GM (it’s shaped like a pillow). I bought it from Louis Vuitton in Valleyfair and it was around $600.

Yoogi: How many handbags do you own?
Elle: Ha! I own enough. I went through many phases in my early designer days. First, it was Balenciaga. I’ve owned (and sold) over 100 Balenciaga bags. Then, it was Louis Vuitton and I never looked back. For whatever reason, I always come back to Louis Vuitton. I have toyed with other brands like Prada and Gucci but have inevitably came back to Louis Vuitton. One day, I hope to own a Chanel.

Is it weird that I’m addicted to the scent of Louis Vuitton bags? Bottle that up and pour it on me!

I have 10-15 bags that I keep in constant rotation and have started to contemplate each purchase carefully. This is not how I always was. My motto (after years and years of learning what works for me) is that if a bag doesn’t get into rotation–off it goes. There will be no unused, sad bags sitting around this girl’s closet.

Yoogi: What’s your favorite bag?
Elle: My favorite bags are the Pochette Metis, Speedy Bandouliere 25, and Neverfull MM. Boring, right?

Yoogi: Hey, they’re classics for a reason. The Pochette Metis is one of our new favorites too.

Elle: I love the Pochette Metis for its aesthetics and carry-ability. Every detail about the PM is amazing. I also love the Speedy Bandouliere25 for how classic she is; and how she can switch from classic to bold with a fun strap. I love the Neverfull MM for her durability and how the straps and canvas eventually mold to your body.

Yoogi: What’s your go-to everyday bag?
Elle: My Louis Vuitton Reverse Monogram Pochette Metis. She’s just so cool. She has no natural leather, a handle AND I can switch out her strap based on the feels-of-the-day.

Yoogi: The Reverse Monogram is such an unexpected design that we’ve grown to love. The Monogram has come in many different colors! What about at night? What’s your go-to evening bag?
Elle: One of my clutches from my custom Louis Vuitton World Tour Neverfulls. They make me feel special since they’re custom and the chance that someone else has the same print/stickers is low.

The Louis Vuitton World Tour collection gives customers the opportunity to personalize their favorite Louis Vuitton leather goods with their initials and a wide variety of “stickers” and labels inspired by the collection of Gaston-Louis Vuitton.

Yoogi: What’s your favorite Louis Vuitton crossbody bag?
Elle: The Speedy 25/30 Bandouliere is my favorite LV crossbody. The only issue I have with the bag is the lack of pockets/compartments but hey, isn’t that what SLG’s are for?

Yoogi: What was the last bag you bought?
Black Empreinte Pochette Metis. That one snuck up on me and I regret nothing!

Yoogi: That’s such a great purchase! It?s so elegant in Empreinte. What’s next on your wishlist?
Elle: I’m not sure. I have a few that I’m eyeing but mostly, if I am moved when I see it in person, it’s mine. :)? Some current contenders:

  1. Louis Vuitton Creme Clapton Backpack
  2. 2. Louis Vuitton Creme Saintonge
  3. 3. Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere Monmono

Yoogi: Thank you so much for chatting with us!
Elle: You’re welcome! Happy to share my collection with you and other LV lovers!

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